See for yourself what NAFTA means for North American energy

December 1st, 2017

A new tool from the North American Cooperation on Energy Information lets viewers visualize just how closely integrated our energy markets have become since the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement 24 years ago.

NAFTA eliminated trade barriers and tariffs between all three countries, allowing continental flows of electricity, natural gas, and crude oil. That’s why New England can now rely on clean Canadian hydropower while Texas gas producers count on the rapidly expanding Mexican market for demand.

In the time since NAFTA was signed, the U.S. has rapidly moved towards becoming an energy exporting powerhouse thanks to new discoveries and the shale boom. Mexico now represents by far the largest market for U.S. exports of refined fuels and the region as a whole is already a net exporter of fossil fuels thanks to the easy supply chain integration and low duties facilitated by NAFTA.

The United States Energy Information Agency (EIA) provided the data for NACEI’s suite of maps, analytics, and future outlooks alongside Mexican and Canadian partners.

NACEI map of North American energy flows.!/overview