Editorial Boards Across The Country Support NAFTA

January 8th, 2018


Across the United States news agencies, large and small, have taken to their editorial boards to express support of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). In line with the vast majority of Americans, newspapers agree that NAFTA has been beneficial to the U.S. economy, workers and consumers. From coast to coast and everywhere in between, editorial boards have expressed deep concerns about the significant economic ramifications of a NAFTA withdrawal.

In an editorial entitled “Nebraska’s farmers, ranchers need NAFTA”, the Lincoln Journal Star writes,

“Without the market access that currently exists for Canada and Mexico, the current slump in U.S. agriculture would be even worse. High supply has depressed commodity prices; NAFTA has served a critical role in mitigating it, at least somewhat, by making it easy to export within the continent. And, in a state where agriculture supports one in four jobs, the timing to potentially pull the rug out from the leading industry couldn’t be worse.”

The Detroit News writes in “Update NAFTA, don’t weaken it”,

“From a local perspective, NAFTA has made automobile building more efficient through the development of regional supply chains. And rather than kill manufacturing jobs, they actually increased by 800,000 in the first five years after NAFTA went into effect, while the pace of overall job decline remained unchanged.”

And, the Beaumont Enterprise writes in “Texas congressmen must protect NAFTA

“The reality today is that Texas has more trade with Mexico than any other state, with robust exports worth $93 billion to our southern neighbor. Much of the commerce between the three nations flows through Texas highways, port and airports, creating further jobs here. NAFTA has particularly benefitted farmers in Texas and the rest of the U.S., and agriculture is a perennially vulnerable sector of our economy that needs all the help it can get.”

Below is a list of some of the most preeminent newspapers from across the country that strongly endorse NAFTA:


Sabotaging NAFTA – Strong sound bytes, bad policy

Arizona Republic

NAFTA renegotiations must protect Arizona benefits

Arizona Daily Star


America needs a better NAFTA, not no NAFTA

The Press Democrat

Trump seems ready to redo NAFTA, but what he wants isn’t clear

San Francisco Chronicle

District of Columbia

Trump’s moves on NAFTA risk massive damage

The Washington Post

Art of the free-trade deal doesn’t require losers

The Washington Examiner

Don’t end NAFTA. Mend it.

Washington Post


Scott should have a sit-down with Trump about free trade, Florida

Orlando Sentinel


Free Trade

Hawaii News Now


The Midwest’s stake in NAFTA

The Chicago Tribune


Terminating NAFTA would be a step backward

Evansville Courier & Press


Trump’s rhetoric jeopardizes Iowa agriculture

The Des Moines Register

NAFTA’s demise would hurt Iowa

The Courier


Trump is wrong about NAFTA

Topeka Capital-Journal


Watch out for trade

The Advocate

Our particular interest in free trade

The Advocate


Making America isolated again

Baltimore Sun


Roll back NAFTA? That’s no way to run a country

Boston Globe

Getting rid of NAFTA would be a disaster

Masslive.com (The Republican Editorials)


Update NAFTA, don’t weaken it

The Detroit News


How NAFTA can be improved for the digital economy to help U.S.

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Negotiations should build on NAFTA’s success

Post Bulletin

Minnesota’s economy needs NAFTA

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Get it right on NAFTA renegotiation 

Duluth News Tribune


In a trade war with Mexico, Missouri corn-growers could be collateral damage

St. Louis Post Dispatch

If Trump blows up NAFTA, Kansas and Missouri workers would feel the pain

Kansas City Star


Nebraska’s farmers, ranchers need NAFTA

Lincoln Journal Star

NAFTA’s good for economies of farm states

Lincoln Journal Star

NAFTA exit would hurt Nebraska’s economy

Lincoln Journal Star

A NAFTA pullout could devastate ag trade
Omaha World-Herald

Pulling out of NAFTA would bring big risks

Omaha World-Herald

New York

In Defense of Nafta


Trump’s Dumb War on Nafta


Trump’s Nafta Threat

The Wall Street Journal

NAFTA won’t be so easy

The Albany Times Union

Under Mr. Trump, America Surrenders

New York Times


What next on NAFTA?

The Blade


U.S. sees many benefits from free trade

The Oklahoman


Trade a make-or-break issue for Trump

Capital Press


Southern neighbor: Antagonizing Mexico is just not in U.S. interest

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Rhode Island

Trump, Canada, Mexico and NAFTA

Providence Journal


Making Texas heard on NAFTA

El Paso Times

NAFTA, not protectionism, helps American workers

Dallas Morning News

Wide NAFTA support from Texas leaders

El Paso Times

If NAFTA ends, Texas loses

San Antonio Express-News

NAFTA 2.0 is a big deal for Texas

San Antonio Express-News

Texas congressmen must protect NAFTA

Beaumont Enterprise

Negotiating NAFTA

Houston Chronicle

Don’t allow NAFTA talks to disassemble the most successful trade alliance in history

Dallas Morning News

The importance of NAFTA to the RGV

The Monitor


NAFTA’s success shows importance of free trade

Deseret News


Trump’s dangerous move on NAFTA

Richmond Times-Dispatch

Terminating NAFTA would push USA backward

USA Today


Looking forward on state’s trade in Trump era

The Herald


NAFTA has been good for state, region

Journal Times